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Clubs and Teams


"Cycling is a team sport, at Centurion Cycling, we are big fans of cycling clubs and teams." - Graham Fraser

"Cycling clubs, bike shop teams, corporate teams, or even a group of family and friends, go ahead and set up a team in our registration system.  And, your team members can register for any of the Centurion distances. First, have someone create your Team in the registration system, and then all team members can register under that team name."


Sugoi is excited to be the Official Apparel sponsor of Centurion and would like to offer all teams participating 10% OFF their custom order.

Sugoi just launched a new custom website that makes designing your jersey easy and fast! Just use the “Quick Design”  feature on the website and in minutes you can design a jersey by selecting the background design, picking your colours, then emailing Sugoi your logos.


For other Full Custom jerseys, shorts or jackets, check out Sugoi’s new custom website:


Contact Sugoi at: Ph: 1.888.637.1513


Are you a part of a cycling club?  Do you want to build a solid foundation?

Then Centurion is the event for you.  


  • With 25 or more Club riders, and link to our website, you will receive 2 free entries to the 2015 events.  
  • Provided you have 25 riders, you may include your Club’s tent in the Community Expo.  

The Centurion club challenge is awarded to the Club with the highest overall point rankings at Blue Mountain. The over all club winner will be crowned at Blue Mountian for the club with the most points.  For more information please contact



For those Cycling Clubs and Teams interested in a little competition and bragging rights, we’ve created the Club Challenge. 

To stoke the fire of competition between cycling clubs and teams, Centurion Cycling is presenting a Club Challenge at Blue Mountain.  Will your club win the title and get to take home the trophy for 2015?


The registered club or team that earns the most points will win the Club Challenge competition.

Clubs/teams will earn points for each member who finishes in the top 3 of their respective age group category (male and female).

The following events qualify: C100, C50, C25,  and Time Trial.  Elite events are not counted in the Club Challenge.

To be eligible to earn points toward the Club Challenge, the participant must be registered under the club/team name prior to participating in any event.



Do you have corporate goals for employee wellness, social activities or a group of people who enjoy cycling?  Centurion racing is a great way to get everyone involved while promoting your business.


Promote health and wellness in your workplace by creating a team for Centurion Cycling 2015.  This is an excellent social event to promote your corporate initiatives for active lifestyles and team building.  

An excellent way to get brand exposure for your company

Provided you have 25 riders, you may include your Corporate tent in the Community Expo.  

With 25 corporate team riders, you will receive 2 free entries to the 2015 events


Centurion has special offers on team jerseys. For more information please contact




If you are a part of a competitive team, ride for fun, or want to create a team then register as one today.  


This builds a strong community and helps create awareness for your team  

Provided you have 25 riders, you may include your Team tent in the Community Expo.  

With 25 team riders, you will receive 2 free entries to the 2015 events


Centurion has special offers on team jerseys.  Enjoy the atmosphere of this cycling festival. For more information please contact




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