Thanks for a great 2016 event! We've already started planning for 2017 so stay tuned!



Participants must be 16 years or older for the C100-mile event,  14 or older for the C50-mile event and 12 or older for the C25 event. Anyone under 18 years of age at the time of the event must have a waiver signed by their parent or legal guardian at registration pick-up.  The Collingwood Community Family Fun Ride is open to all ages.

Your age group for 2016 is determined by your age on race day!





For the C25, age groupings are: 12-15, 16-19, 20-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60-69, 70-79, 80+

For the C50/C100, age groupings are: 14/16-19, 20-24, 25-29, 30-34, 35-39, 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 54-59, 60-64, 65-69, 70-74, 75 - 79, 80+

Please note that posted results will reflect both your gun time and chip time.  Age group awards are based on gun time (i.e. the first person across the finish line wins).


Check in and packet pick up will be on-site on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Please see schedule for specific times. Onsite registration is also available for those who have not pre registered.  Registration Packets will include your bib and bike numbers...the larger number goes on the back of your jersey and the bike plate goes on the front of your bike using the twist ties.  Make sure you stop by the timing table in the registration area and pick up your timing chip. You will also receive a zip tie to attach the timing chip to your front fork.  All riders must pick up their own race packets and will be required to show a photo ID, and sign a Centurion Event Release Form (available at packet pick-up)and OCA waiver in order to receive their Centurion Race Packet.

If you accidently leave Blue Mountain and you still have your chip after racing please mail the chip in a padded envelope within 5 business days to: Sportstats, 155 Colonnade Rd #18, Ottawa, ON, Canada, K2E 7K1.   Simply write Centurion Cycling, your name and bib number on the return.  Please use a bubble envelope to avoid damages during transit.

If you decide not to race after you've picked up your packet and timing chip,  please return your chip to an official, the finish line or registration or follow the above instructions to mail the chip back to Sportstats.



Participants are asked to self-select their starting position for the registration process. By asking riders to choose where they start, we aim to provide participants a safer and enjoyable Centurion Cycling experience. Please take a look at the criteria for each Centurion Cycling corral, then make an honest assessment of your abilities/objectives for the event, and choose the appropriate corral during the registration process.

Speeds are based on hilly terrain.

Corral No. 1: Serious Racers 1 - (Pace 33 km plus)

Have you finished a Centurion event in the top 5% of the overall field?  Do you average 35-40 kilometers per hour. Own a racing license? Train at least 10 hours a week? Think you can be competitive in your age category? Completely comfortable riding in a fast-moving group? Not planning on making leisurely aid-station stops? Registering to race — not just ride? If the answer to most of these questions if yes, then you belong in Wave No. 1.

Corral No. 2: Serious Riders 2 - (Pace 29-32 km)

Cyclists choosing wavel no. 2 should also have at least some race or fast-paced group riding experience, but perhaps not enough free time to be a fully dedicated amateur racer. That means you ride 8-10 hours a week, 29-34 kilometers per hour, and may be signing up because you want to race against your friends and fellow semi-serious cyclists.

Corral No. 3: Casual Riders 3 - (Pace 26-28 km)

This wave is for those that ride approx 3-6 hours a week, 23-28 kilometers per hour, are comfortable riding around others, and have completed a century, charity ride or maybe some triathlons. Now you’re ready to check out a slightly more competitive cycling atmosphere. Your Centurion plan is to ride reasonably hard all day, but you prefer to stay out of the front-of-the-race fray, and will probably enjoy at least one or two leisurely aid-station stops.

Corral No. 4: Riders 4 - (Less then 25 km) Beginners

As the title implies, this is for beginners and is a family-friendly zone. Choose Wave No. 4 if you average under 25 kilometers per hour, are new to riding in a group, and are signing up for Centurion to ride your first 50 or 100 miler. Also the perfect starting place for families or other groups whose main objective is to ride together and enjoy the challenge and scenery.



Your cumulative time of the C50 on Saturday and C25 on Sunday.


The Centurion 100 cut-off location is at the bottom of GR 19 at the start of the second loop which is approximately 48 miles into the course. Riders will have four hours (4:00) to reach this point. Any rider who arrives at this location after the four hour cutoff will be asked to make an immediate left turn and travel back to the finish line. (This is same the way you exited the Village at the start).

There are no cut-offs for the Centurion 25 or Centurion 50.


1. Riders will start in corrals and during the early portion of the event will be able to use both sides of the road for a rolling start. The road is completely closed to motor vehicle traffic until just after the traffic circle.

2. All cyclists will be restricted to the right lane, observing what is commonly known as the yellow line rule. Shoulder riding will also be encouraged when possible.

3. Law enforcement personnel will monitor all major turns and intersections throughout the course, however riders are encouraged to remain aware at all times for traffic on the course.

4. We will have motorcycles for on-course safety, readily available ambulance and medical services, as well as technical support and sag vehicles through the course.


1. Mechanics in vehicles and on motorcycles will be on course to assist with major mechanical problems. Limited mechanical assistance will also be provided in the feed stations. Assistance is on a first come first serve basis, with a large course to monitor, so we encourage all riders to carry the basics like spare tubes, a patch kit and pump.

2. Sag wagons will patrol sections of the courses as well as follow the last riders. Sag wagons will provide transportation to any rider choosing to abandon the event. Sag wagons will sometimes carry minimum supplies of tubes, tires, pumps, tools, etc.


1. Doctors, EMTs and ambulances will travel in the caravan to provide emergency medical support.

2. First aid assistance will be available throughout the course.

3. In the case of serious injury, ambulances will transport riders to the nearest critical care facility for treatment.

4. Centurion Cycling  is insured through the OCA


1. Each Centurion Cycling event will have feed stations located at approximately miles 20 and 38 for the C50 and 20, 38, 65 and 83 for the C100.

2. Feed stations will be fully stocked with water, energy drinks, and fruit as well as some nominal mechanical and first aid support.

3. Keep left if you are not stopping. However, remember that the left lane will be open for through traffic, so use caution.

4. Keep right and slow down if you want to pick up fluid and/or calories without stopping. They will do their best to hand off what you need as you ride through – so please slow down as you move through and loudly and clearly verbalize your needs.

5. Keep right and come to a complete stop if you want to stop and “dine in”. Move to the far right shoulder and dismount your bike out of traffic lanes. The roads are narrow, so take care not to block traffic. Remember, timing does not stop when you stop at a feed station.


1. All riders must wear an ANSI, Snell or other approved helmet.

2. No tandems or recumbent bikes unless cleared by the event organizers in advance.

3. No disc wheels are allowed with the only exception being the specific Time Trial events.

4. No earphones, radios or portable music devices (MP3 players, iPods, Oakley Thumps, etc.).

5. No private support. For the safety of all riders, private support vehicles are not allowed on the course. Interference by private support vehicles or feeders will result in that rider’s or team’s disqualification.

6. No Electric or Motor Propelled Bikes. Only fully human propelled bikes are allowed at Centurion Cycling events. Electronic shifting systems such as Shimano Di2 are permitted.

7. Carry identification and relevant medical information on your person. Please ensure that you provide pertinent medical information on your waiver card.

8. Always be aware of the rules of the road, traffic lights, signs and regulations – even with the presence of event and law enforcement officials controlling traffic on the course. No course is 100% closed. It is best to never assume you have the right of way.

9. The courses are not completely closed – so please be courteous and do not impede vehicular traffic and always ride on the right side of the yellow line.

10. Pass other cyclists on the left and always announce your presence before passing.

11. Ride predictably by scanning the road, anticipating hazards and clearly communicating your intentions to other cyclists and motor vehicles around you.

12. Please use appropriate bathroom facilities – there are always portable toilets at feed zones - please do not relieve yourself unless you are in a portable toilet.

13. Be prepared to address minor mechanical issues. Suggested equipment includes at least one spare tube/tire, patch kit and pump or CO2 cartridge(s).

14. Carry appropriate clothing in the event of sudden weather changes.

15. Carry appropriate nutrition and hydration supplies.

16.  No late arrivals.  Everyone must register and pick up their package before the start of the event.